COSMOFRUIT™ perfume molecule by IFF
« Think of delicious caramelized apples on a tarte tatin, chestnuts and nuts, summer berries, with a spicy rich saffron and red chili flame. It is floral, with delicate rosy damascone petal notes. This new molecule was recently added to the perfumers’ creative palette. There was an 8-year development period to turn Cosmofruit into a readily biodegradable molecule, minimizing its environmental footprint."
Photography, Design, & Video by Lund x Mauviel 
Soundtrack courtesy IFF

PYROMIST ® perfume molecule by IFF
"The smell of firecrackers, the strike of a match, the spark of flintstone - coupled with the smell of fresh, zesty white grapefruit. An exclusive ingredient in the perfumery palette. Pyromist is renewable and biodegradable." 
Photography, Design, Video & Soundtrack by Lund x Mauviel